Camel Cigarettes this year radically alter its image.

Smokers have noticed the changes that have taken place with one of the oldest tobacco brands - Camel Cigarettes. Pack with a camel changed its clothes. This is the first step the company Japan Tobacco Int. (JTI) to change the image of these cigarettes.

Now replaced macho, gonyayuschemu jeep through the jungle and prodirayuschemusya (who, incidentally, died several years ago of lung cancer), "came the modern individualist" - successful, able to enjoy life, despite its rapid rhythm.
Although camels left themselves cigarettes will now be "unisex" for a successful urban dwellers. A new outdoor advertising shows a young man who sits by closing their eyes and hands on a pack of Camel spin.

In the "female version" girl lies on her back on the stack of cigarettes. As the director of marketing JTI in Russia and Belarus Antoine Ernst, "the launch of the new Camel Cigarettes has already taken place in Spain, Italy, France and Germany. There, representatives of JTI were very satisfied launch programme, they declare grand successes.

In Germany, concludes a new Camel Cigarettes caused such a significant transformation, which the market has not seen a long time ago. Camel Cigarettes and above was one of the fastest growing brands in Western Europe - in one of the most stable markets.
The growth in sales volume for 2001 was about 7% - it is quite a lot, given the absolutely planar development of the world tobacco market. With a new acceleration, we believe that the Camel Cigarettes, as a tobacco brand in the world number three, will be able to markedly strengthen its position ".

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