JTI has changed the design Camel Cigarettes

The company Japan Tobacco International (JTI) to the Russian market displays a limited series of its cigarette brand Camel Cigarettes Front with radically modified design. This "limited edition" is already practising one of the JTI competitors - the company Philip Morris. Experts note that such actions are designed to attract additional attention to the brand is already available to consumers, have become increasingly widespread. These techniques are particularly relevant to products whose advertising activity is limited by law.

As described 'Manager of Public Relations office JTI Russian Anatoly Vereshchagin, in September in 25 cities of Russia limited selling Camel Cigarettes party with a new design. Instead of the classic Camel Cigarettes on the package shows an entire track: camel goes on trees along the winding road, and the usual stack of yellow background patterns decorated with cigarettes. In doing so, taste, shape and price of cigarettes remained unchanged. "This is our largest action in issuing a limited series - said Mr. Vereshchagin .- First Similar issues were distributed only in the networks HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, cafes)."

Such a limited series of its brands already produced several times in Russia company Philip Morris. Thus, in March this year to sell Marlboro cigarettes came in the pockets of silver, opened the side. And one of the parties in Parliament was painted metallic blue color. "We wanted to add momentum to its key brands," - explains press secretary Irina Bakhtina Philip Morris.

Issues of the limited series is often practiced today beverage manufacturers and food. Thus, the brewery Baltika for several years from November to January produces special "seasonal" class beer Tuborg Christmas Brew. A company "Russian Alcohol (brand Glavspirttrest) publishes monthly instalment limited vodka Green Brand", labels showing pictures of the artist Vladimir Lyubarova. "You may also recall the special new taste 'Holiday' juice 'Dobry' - apple, vanilla and cinnamon - tells Senior Project Manager for the company KOMKON research Anna Uvarova .- And many confectioners to make every holiday special packages for their traditional sets of chocolates."

Notably, the Experts no single answer - whether the limited series of sales growth? For example, Philip Morris refers to the data research company Business Analysis ", which recorded a small increase in sales of Marlboro in the first half of 2006, following the action. Dole brand has grown over the same period of last year to 0.14% (for the highly competitive tobacco market is a good indicator). In other companies more skeptical look at these figures. "I sell and so grow each year - said the commercial director of 'Russian alcohol' Vadim Kasyanov .- The pictures on bottles rather simply attract attention." A director of brand development company Baltica Denis Sherstennikov stresses that such experiments could only afford brand-leaders: "Weak mark is only dilute its target audience."

Marketing note that the further release of the limited series will be increasingly in demand. "While manufacturers to daily goods such acts sporadic, but they will soon become commonplace" - believes director of Qualitative Quest Aleksandr Makarov. A chapter of "Russian tobacco Maxim Korolev drew attention that one of the first limited series began practicing companies, whose advertising opportunities are limited by law:" For them, this is an additional way to promote their brand."

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