Camel Cigarettes this year radically alter its image.

Smokers have noticed the changes that have taken place with one of the oldest tobacco brands - Camel cigarettes. Pack with a camel changed its clothes. This is the first step the company Japan Tobacco Int. (JTI) to change the image of these cigarettes.
Now replaced macho, drive jeep through the jungle and squeeze (who, incidentally, died several years ago of lung cancer), "came the modern individualist" - successful, able to enjoy life, despite its rapid rhythm. Although camels left themselves cigarettes will now be "unisex" for successful urban dwellers. A new outdoor advertising shows a young man who sits by closing their eyes and hands on a pack of Camel spin.
In the "female version" girl lies on her back on the stack of cigarettes. As the director of marketing JTI in Russia and Belarus Antoine Ernst, "the launch of the new Camel has already taken place in Spain, Italy, France and Germany. There, representatives of JTI were very satisfied launch program, they declare grand successes.
In Germany, concludes a new Camel caused such a significant transformation, which the market has not seen a long time ago. Camel and above was one of the fastest growing brands in Western Europe - in one of the most stable markets. The growth in sales volume for 2001 was about 7% - it is quite a lot, given the absolutely planar development of the world tobacco market. With a new acceleration, we believe that the Camel, as a tobacco brand in the world number three, will be able to markedly strengthen its position ".

Camel Cigarettes appear in the advanced packaging

The company JT International (JTI) announced a new step in its marketing policy, aimed at increasing the company's share in the world market. JTI produces a new generation of world-famous brand Camel, while reaffirming its commitment mostly brand. Launching a new brand Camel has been implemented in Europe as early as April 2002, and then continued in other markets, including Russia.
The basis for it has a new marketing concept that includes improved packaging, extended range of products, a new image and a new advertising campaign. Consumer Market Research showed that the new key messages, improved packaging design and enhanced range would not only preserve today's consumers, but also to attract buyers other cigarette manufacturers. In Russia, a new Camel in June of this year, at this time, will begin the presentation of the new product and the quality of its advertising concepts Russian consumer.

The Paris court found a legal use of a camel in the format of Joe Camel cigarette packs

Camel Cigarettes
PARIS, September 26 - The city of Paris court dismissed the claim of opponents of smoking groups to the American tobacco giant RJ Reynolds, which produces cigarettes under the brand Camel.
The National Committee of smoking opponents argued that the use of Camel 15 - ty packaging options with various images of a camel, Joe - a very attractive image of a juvenile - encouraged children and adolescents to gather full "collection" Camel packs.
However, the court dismissed the claim, stating in its decision that "although the law and prohibits advertising, promotion and free distribution of tobacco, it could not determine which images are used in the presentation packs, except for the mandatory placement reminder of the negative impact of smoking on health."
Nevertheless, the court charged the RJ Reynolds Tobacco 8 thousand euro fine and 1.5 thousand euro compensation of losses due to the fact that the company has changed autocratically text warning on the dangers of smoking, millions of reams of Camel, attributing at the beginning "in accordance with the law 91-32. Changing text, in the opinion of the judges, has led many consumers less serious about prevention.

With a camel Camel on life

Camel Cigarettes
Camel Cigarettes
Camel Cigarettes
Italian branch of the agency Saatchi & Saatchi calls on all the world to explore more and open up new horizons, it's a constant companion in all your adventures will Camel cigarettes and their camels.
Inscription: "Discover more"
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Italy creative director: Agostino Toscana, Guido Cornara Art Director: Timur Kulenovic, Norbert Graf Photographer: Jan Steinhilber

Premium Camel - initially only for Petersburgers

Camel Cigarettes
JT International Company expanded product line of brands Camel: cigarettes on the market are displayed Camel Natural Flavor, positioned in the premium segments.
Camel Natural Flavor - Innovative Product produced from a tobacco leaf. Lack of candy-flavoured additives reveal the true taste of a high-quality soft tobacco. An unusual texture and natural colors tutu fully meet the concept of Natural Flavor.
So far Camel Natural Flavor has been launched in 25 countries, and in November of this year, will appear in St. Petersburg, who has been selected to test launch brand in Russia.
Camel Natural Flavor positioned in a prestigious segment. The maximum retail price for Camel Natural Flavor will be 37 rubles.
The new brand is produced in a factory Petro in St. Petersburg. Running will be supported by advertising in the subway, print ads, POS deployment and materials for sale in HoReCa channel, as well as the promotion of sales of shares in the field.

Camel Cigarettes

International company JTI / Japan Tobacco International / announced the launch of Camel cigarette brand new generation. The launch of a new Camel happen in Europe as early as this month, to be followed and implemented in other markets, including Russia. This is stated in the message the company received in the PRIME-TASS.
The new range includes the Camel Filters, as well as Camel Mild, Camel Lights and Camel Super Lights.
Sales in Russia will be a new Camel summer of 2002, it is at this time scheduled marketing activity to support the brand. In Russia, Camel / Camel Mild and Camel Lights / performed at JSC "Petro / g St. Petersburg / owned JTI. The representative of the company declined to indicate when the manufacture of a new generation of Camel will begin in Russia.
When launched, the brand will be using a new marketing concept that includes improved packaging, extended range of products, a new image and, if possible, a new advertising campaign.