Camel Cigarettes appear in the advanced packaging

The company JT International (JTI) announced a new step in its marketing policy, aimed at increasing the company's share in the world market. JTI produces a new generation of world-famous brand Camel, while reaffirming its commitment mostly brand. Launching a new brand Camel has been implemented in Europe as early as April 2002, and then continued in other markets, including Russia.
The basis for it has a new marketing concept that includes improved packaging, extended range of products, a new image and a new advertising campaign. Consumer Market Research showed that the new key messages, improved packaging design and enhanced range would not only preserve today's consumers, but also to attract buyers other cigarette manufacturers. In Russia, a new Camel in June of this year, at this time, will begin the presentation of the new product and the quality of its advertising concepts Russian consumer.

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