Premium Camel - initially only for Petersburgers

Camel Cigarettes
JT International Company expanded product line of brands Camel: cigarettes on the market are displayed Camel Natural Flavor, positioned in the premium segments.
Camel Natural Flavor - Innovative Product produced from a tobacco leaf. Lack of candy-flavoured additives reveal the true taste of a high-quality soft tobacco. An unusual texture and natural colors tutu fully meet the concept of Natural Flavor.
So far Camel Natural Flavor has been launched in 25 countries, and in November of this year, will appear in St. Petersburg, who has been selected to test launch brand in Russia.
Camel Natural Flavor positioned in a prestigious segment. The maximum retail price for Camel Natural Flavor will be 37 rubles.
The new brand is produced in a factory Petro in St. Petersburg. Running will be supported by advertising in the subway, print ads, POS deployment and materials for sale in HoReCa channel, as well as the promotion of sales of shares in the field.

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