'Camel' Ads

An hour later, after he was sworn in yesterday in New York Commissioner of Consumer Affairs, Mark Green, took on one of the largest tobacco companies, RJ Reynolds, saying that he was children to smoke.

An hour later, after he was sworn in yesterday in New York Commissioner of Consumer Affairs, Mark Green, took on one of the largest tobacco companies, RJ Reynolds, saying that he byl»sklonenie children to smoke.»

Mr. Green was the specific goal of an advertising campaign that uses a cartoon character of a camel - sometimes dressed in a tuxedo or wearing sunglasses, but they are always smoking and always with a beautiful woman nearby - to promote Camel cigarettes. He said that the cartoon figure clearly appealed to young people.

In a letter sent yesterday to Nabisco, Mr. Louis V. Gerstner Jr., Mr. Green wrote,»As a father of two young children and a new The Commissioner for Consumer Affairs, I am appalled at your 'smooth character' Camel advertising campaign, that the risk of the use of children cigarettes.»

Last month, RJ Reynolds - the division of RJR Nabisco - has been criticized for its plans to market two brands of cigarettes, one pointing mainly on blacks and other young, blue-collar white women.

The carefully-planned campaign Representative RJ Reynolds, David Fishel, said:»As usual, he decided to release it in the media before he gave it to the company, which states for us what he has done today seems to be part of a carefully orchestrated campaign by anti-smoking activists to ensure publicity basis for anti-smoking legislation hearings held in Washington today.»

The Senate Labor Committee is considering a bill that would allow the federal government the authority to ban dangerous additives from cigarettes and require that cigarette packages as a list of additives and to bear a warning that smoking is addictive.

Camel “campaign three years,” Mr. Fishel said. «It is not directed at children. We have seen no evidence of a period of three years in the program that he has any particular youth appeal.»

Mr. Green said his concern was focused on advertising in the magazine Rolling Stone, posters offering a smooth Symbol multfilma.

'Effort to involve children

“It was not until I noticed once in a perforated at the bottom of the 'Rolling Stone' poster”, which allows readers to delete the Congress instructed the warning label, that I decided to write to you, “Mr. Green wrote to Mr. Gerstner. Lie” is not an ad campaign apparent purpose lure children smoking tobacco in violation of its own code of 1964 against advertising aimed at children?»

The letter further asked: “Who watches and talks about the cartoon characters, children or adults? Who impressionable to associate smoking and The success and money, children or adults?”

Mr. Green, 44 years old, was sworn in at $ 97000 a year in office Mayor David N. Dinkins at noon in the Board Room at City Hall Assessment, with his wife, Deni Frand, and his two children, Jenya, 11, and Jonah, 5, at his side. A senior campaign adviser to the mayor, Mr. Green has long been the consumer advocate.

Advertising Camel cigs

This is not a big secret, the producers of Jerry Springer talk show, knew exactly what would happen when they put the Ku Klux Klan and the Black Panther Party at one stage. Both groups started fighting, and most people tuned to watch it. In the same manner, Camel Cigarettes

The company has released ads that parodied this type of program. In the advertisement, entitled "Bizarre Bigfoot love triangle" shows the kind scenes that are typical for a Jerry Springer episode. The characters consist of Bigfoot, on average, two women struggle with bouncers trying to hold them back, the host who pretends to be confused with the looks, and admiring audience. "Viewer discretion reported" a label that is placed on Camel ads. It is also a parody of a new ranking system that has evolved on TV, movies and music in recent times. One Reduction of the BR, which stands for "Big Ratings," another comment that applies to Jerry Springer.

Anyone who saw "Jerry Springer" knows the true reaction of the majority of the audience. Many people believe that the show is ridiculous, outrageous, and sometimes obscene. Sometimes it is even considered comical, and this is what makes this announcement, he appealed to the people who are familiar with Jerry Springer and his show. When people see this ad, they immediately think of the show, and that's what makes it work. It almost does not with cigarettes, and except for the fact that smoking is a Sasquatch, there is no connection between the Jerry Springer show and experience of smoking Camel cigarettes. There simply are not correlated. One thing it would be implying, however, is that if one smokes Camel Cigarettes, that person will have a scantily dressed women were fighting for it.

Images of Joe Camel

In the City Court of Paris rejected the claim of opponents of smoking groups, the American tobacco giant RJ Reynolds, which manufactures cigarettes under the Camel brand.

The National Committee of smoking opponents have argued that the Camel 15 - ty of options for packaging with various images of Joe Camel - very attractive image of a minor, - called on children and teenagers to gather a full "collection" Camel packages.

However, the court dismissed the claim, stating in its decision that "although the law and prohibits the advertising, promotion and free distribution tobacco, he could not determine which images used in the presentation package, except to post a reminder of the negative the impact of smoking on health. "

Nevertheless, the court instructed the RJ Reynolds Tobacco 8 thousand euro fine and 1,5 thousand euro compensation for losses due to the fact that

Company autocratically changed text warnings about dangers of smoking, millions of packs of Camel, attributing the output in accordance with the law 91-32. Change the text, in the opinion of the judges, has led many consumers less serious about prevention.