Images of Joe Camel

In the City Court of Paris rejected the claim of opponents of smoking groups, the American tobacco giant RJ Reynolds, which manufactures cigarettes under the Camel brand.

The National Committee of smoking opponents have argued that the Camel 15 - ty of options for packaging with various images of Joe Camel - very attractive image of a minor, - called on children and teenagers to gather a full "collection" Camel packages.

However, the court dismissed the claim, stating in its decision that "although the law and prohibits the advertising, promotion and free distribution tobacco, he could not determine which images used in the presentation package, except to post a reminder of the negative the impact of smoking on health. "

Nevertheless, the court instructed the RJ Reynolds Tobacco 8 thousand euro fine and 1,5 thousand euro compensation for losses due to the fact that

Company autocratically changed text warnings about dangers of smoking, millions of packs of Camel, attributing the output in accordance with the law 91-32. Change the text, in the opinion of the judges, has led many consumers less serious about prevention.

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