For the first time in 95 years held a Camel brand redesign

Some cigarette brands do not modify the design for decades. Among them was the famous Camel, which existed in the market 95 years in the same design, which was launched in 1913. That was until the U.S. company R. J. Reynolds Tobacco in March 2008 did not start to update the design and packaging of tobacco mixture of cigarettes. Camel Cigarettes

Symbol brand Camel - the famous camel Joe - remained on the package, but now he "concluded" in a circle. Pyramid against the backdrop of more highlighted more clearly the inscription "Camel" made more dark font. Also in the design of a new package focuses on a long and rich history of the brand: "Since 1913".

Camel Cigarettes

"The complexity of the tasks was to give the brand a more modern look without changing the basic concept - said David Howard, a representative of the tobacco company Winston-Salem. Old Joe are also stoically strides in the desert. Camel is stable and reputable brand with a rich history, so we see a view to redesign only expanding consumer audience, but not global sensation."

Camel Cigarettes

Japan Tobacco invest in the Camel Cigarettes Brand new meaning

In the near future, the company Japan Tobacco International, the largest Russian production which is located in Peterhof, is going to catch up with competitors in the premium segment. Large companies make bids on the recently launched for sale in several major cities of Russia cigarettes under the brand Camel Natural Flavor. According to market participants, shortly rebrending expects another premium brand in the portfolio companies - Epigue. The experts consider that investment in the promotion of stamps will be updated at least $ 60 million Given the new equipment worth $ 18 million, the other day running on "Petro" investment in Russian business JTI until the end of this year amount to no less than $ 90 million.

Yesterday, Japan Tobacco International has announced the launch at the largest tobacco factory in Russia "Petro" high-speed line for the production and packaging of cigarettes. According to the director for the production of Chris Kopecha factories, equipment worth $ 18 million and the payback period 3-4 years will increase power plant at 6.3 billion cigarettes (formerly the factory could produce up to 90 billion cigarettes) and help reduce the costs of the company at $ 300-400 thousand a year.

To date, new equipment - is not the only major investment company in the Russian market. They have a strong position in the middle and cheap segment, but has noticeably lagged behind competitors in the expensive, so decided to make the sale of our recently updated brand - Camel Natural Flavor. The new brand was launched in November last year at the factory capacity "Petro" and sold only until July in St. Petersburg. Now he will be distributed as early as eight major Russian cities. According to one of the market participants, shortly JTI to invest in rebrending another premium brand - Epigue. Both projects would be at least $ 60 million.

The company Philip Morris declined to comment on plans JTI. But noted that sales of premium cigarettes (value of 27 rubles per pack) in the first quarter of this year increased by 2% and accounted for 17.35% of the market. "All great popularity among premium brands are becoming super formats, products with a slight taste and exclusive offers (the price of 50 rubles per pack). Not so long ago successfully launched premium black-and-white collection of cigarette Uno Virginia Slims and Marlboro Filter Plus. In megapolice segment remain they mark a solid leader with Parliament, their share of Parliament in I quarter of 2008 was already 2.58% of the total cigarette market in Russia.

According to the marketing company Nielsen, in May 2008 along with the percentage of JTI acquired last year by Gallaher on the Russian market cigarettes close to 35.6%.

Camel Natural Flavor captured another 8 cities

Camel Cigarettes
In July 2008, the company has expanded the geography of JT International sales brands Camel Natural Flavor: cigarettes now appear as early as 8 cities in Russia. Camel Natural Flavor is made from a tobacco leaf, lacking in the product flavoured. Design tutu fully meet the concept of Natural Flavor. The new brand is represented in three tastes: Camel Natural Flavor, Camel Natural Flavor Lights and Camel Natural Flavor Super Lights.