Camel Cigarettes

International company JTI / Japan Tobacco International / announced the launch of Camel cigarette brand new generation. The launch of a new Camel happen in Europe as early as this month, to be followed and implemented in other markets, including Russia. This is stated in the message the company received in the PRIME-TASS.
The new range includes the Camel Filters, as well as Camel Mild, Camel Lights and Camel Super Lights.
Sales in Russia will be a new Camel summer of 2002, it is at this time scheduled marketing activity to support the brand. In Russia, Camel / Camel Mild and Camel Lights / performed at JSC "Petro / g St. Petersburg / owned JTI. The representative of the company declined to indicate when the manufacture of a new generation of Camel will begin in Russia.
When launched, the brand will be using a new marketing concept that includes improved packaging, extended range of products, a new image and, if possible, a new advertising campaign.

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