Manufacturer Camel Cigarettes brands for the first rebranding

American company R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., A manufacturer of Camel Cigarettes, Lucky Strike, Pall Mall, Winston and Salem, with the first held in 1913 rebranding brands Camel, transmits the Associated Press, referring to the statement made by the representatives of the company.

Picture a camel on the package remains unchanged, but turned entourage: designers have developed a new image oasis, which is brighter now allocated to the stack of cigarettes, and the pyramid, located on the far background, become larger in size and gained a clearer form. In addition, the brand name has become darker, and the stack of a color code and the inscription: Since 1913.

"The challenge was to take the cover brand - a sort of flagship - and give it a more modern look and feel. challenge is to do this while respecting and without losing the rich heritage of the brand" - said a company representative David Howard (David Howard) .

It is expected that by the end of March to 80% from shelves Camel Cigarettes products will be presented in the new package.

"Podnimet whether it (new packaging) selling itself? This is a controversial issue, but I am impressed that they did. had taken brand, which is entrenched here, and used it to get a new audience" - says marketing Michel Roem ( Michelle Roehm), which quotes the words Agency.

R.J. Reynolds is a unit of the second largest tobacco company in the United States Reynolds American Inc.

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