Camel Cigarettes without a camel. JTI produces a limited shipment of cigarettes with a new design

The company Japan Tobacco International (JTI) displays to market a limited series of its brand Camel Cigarettes Front with radically modified design. This "limited edition" is already practising one of the JTI competitors - the company Philip Morris. Experts note that such actions are designed to attract additional attention to the brand is already available to consumers, have become increasingly widespread. These techniques are particularly relevant to products whose advertising activity is limited by law.

In September, the 25 largest cities in selling limited Camel Cigarettes party with a new design. Instead of the classic camel on the package shows an entire track: camel goes on trees along the winding road, and the usual stack of yellow background patterns decorated with cigarettes. In doing so, taste, shape and price of cigarettes remained unchanged. This is the largest sale in issuing limited series.

Such a limited series of its brands already produced several times in Russia company Philip Morris. Thus, in March this year to sell Marlboro cigarettes came in the pockets of silver, opened the side. And one of the parties in Parliament was painted metallic blue color.

Notably, the Experts no single answer - whether the limited series of sales growth? For example, Philip Morris refers to the data research company Business Analysis ", which recorded a small increase in sales of Marlboro in the first half of 2006, following the action. Dole brand has grown over the same period last year at 0, 14% (for the highly competitive tobacco market is a good indicator). In other companies more skeptical look at these figures.

Marketing note that the further release of the limited series will be increasingly in demand. While manufacturers for daily goods such acts sporadic, but they will soon become commonplace.

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