Camel no longer camels

 Why is Japan Tobacco International decided to change the concept of a popular cigarette brand

The company Japan Tobacco International (JTI), one of the world's largest manufacturers of tobacco products, has changed the design concept and advertising Camel Cigarettes brand. JTI no longer calling the adherents of these cigarettes in new adventures, and invites them just a moment of pleasure. At most, believe in the JTI, the modern smoker's simply no time.

JTI zateyala campaign to replace the Camel Cigarettes design in April 2002, as well as Russia dokatilas wave of the summer. Beginning June docco unit in the Russian JTI hot. All employees of the corporation, including secretaries, Minsk and obezzhali wholesalers, retail outlets and changed the "old" Camel Cigarettes with a new one. "For English language that seems to be" subbotnik "?" - peresprashivaet, smiling, Antoine Ernst, director of marketing Russian office. In total, the Russian unit JTI two weeks removed from the distribution 750000 packs. From billboards Camel Cigarettes on the streets of Moscow for this "subbotnik" has not witnessed severe macho - conqueror prairie, but decently dressed ladies and gentlemen vybritye smoothly, not sitting on the ground, and on the floor, and not a night bonfire, but in broad daylight chic office.
The decision on the company's change of design at first glance, it seems surprising. In 2001, in the words of Antoine Ernst, Camel Cigarettes global sales growth was 7%. This is the third brand after Marlboro (Philip Morris) and Mild Seven (JTI). The same Marlboro, for example, increased its share by only 2.5%. Against this backdrop, the refusal Philip Morris from his cowboy look would be more logical. No Cowboy left in the lady went.

Cigarettes with the name of an animal

Camel Cigarettes brand was born in 1913. The founder of the American Tobacco Company RJR Richard Reynolds, taking as long pipe tobacco, conceived to produce cigarettes, which once belonged to a modem. It may refer to the eastern grounds of his success has forced Prince Albert tobacco brands. Reynolds bought a little-known brand Red Kamel and turned it into a Camel, which translated from Spanish means "camel". Camel Cigarettes - only cigarettes from around the world, playing the title animal. This gave the opportunity to use the original RJR marketing moves. Advancing mark at the beginning of the century has been NWAyer advertising agency. For three days before starting the sale of cigarettes in 90 daily newspapers in the United States cities appeared with images of camels concise inscription - "Camels". On the second day, a more informative slogan - "Camels are coming!". Finally, on the third day of townspeople horrified to learn that "tomorrow in the city of camels will be higher than in Asia and Africa combined." A daily sales all stood up to their seats: "Camel Cigarettes are already here!".
Camel Cigarettes have trouble began in 1954, when the American company Philip Morris vzdumala change the image of its female to male Marlboro cigarettes. U kemelovskogo macho opponent in the person of a cowboy, who began gradually harness under a market masculine cigarettes. In 1999, Japan's Japan Tabacco bought RJR business outside the United States, with all its brands. The new owner decided that the image of Camel Cigarettes urgently needed change. Then something and broke a track and macho cowboy.

Samurai camel

Focus groups organized by JTI in 2000 and 2001 showed that the preferences of smokers has changed. "Tastes change on consumers in 20 - 25 years - Ernest Antoine said. - 1960 - were the era's sexual revolution. now we do not have fundamental changes. We are entering an era of individualism, self-reliance, we do not do" crazy "behaviour , as it did in 1990 - to begin. demonstrative behavior has been replaced by a need for pleasure came from the peaceful way of life. "
To begin with the fall of 2000 closed JTI-scale promotion project - Camel Trophy competition. For 20 years, Camel Trophy event took place in 24 countries, took part in 260 teams, which participants selected from the 10 million applicants. "Camel long time associated with adventure, - says Ernst. - It was a fitting 20, 10 years ago. today adventures lost less attractive to a wealthy person. If even five years ago in Russia were large numbers of people who are living trophy, now man with a backpack - very rare. Nash consumer immersed himself in the head with the business. He lives in the urban environment, his life is well-arranged, change it is something he does not want to, he was satisfied with his success. No need for pleasure does not disappear, rather, pleasure now to be more sophisticated. "
Marketing Philip Morris does not agree with this view. "Some values have not changed for decades - says George Givishvili, manager of the group marks the American company. - They remain valid, despite a generational change. spirit of adventure - one of those permanent values." Design Marlboro remains unchanged half a century, from the very moment when these cigarettes changed "orientation". However, it is possible that JTI push for a change of image to other causes. In any case, in the Russian market, the fourth in importance for the international tobacco corporations after the American, Chinese and Japanese, Camel Cigarettes skidding. Share Segment expensive cigarettes (20 - 30 rubles. Retail prices), according to the research agency "Business Analyst" for 2001 rose from 4.13% to 5%, while the share of Camel Cigarettes declined from 0.43% to 0.37% . The proportion of Kent cigarettes British VAT for the same time rose from 0.16% to 0.42%, Marlboro, respectively, from 1.87% to 2.12%.
Ernst does not deny that the economic indicators have played a role: "We did not meet growth Camel Cigarettes (meaning global growth. - Prime." Co "), and we decided to update the design to expedite it." As a "surgeon for the operation of such famous" patient "as Camel, the company has chosen the Italian design bureau Robiliant & Associati. "The upgrade design, we set two goals designers - said Ernst. - First, take the basic elements of the brand and make them more symbolic, like a sign, stamp. as we would say the consumer: no camel, but a sign of a camel. Secondly, to make design more elegant, easy calm. "
In introducing radical changes in design, JTI tried to kill two rabbits at once: to preserve the old fans and attract new ones. Designers changed the color purple letters on the Camel Cigarettes with golden, more characteristic of the expensive brands, added inscription Since 1913 (S 1913) in order to emphasize the history of stamps, replaced inscription Turkish & American Blend Cigarettes ( "Cigarettes with a taste of the American-Turkish tobacco") no longer carrying meaningful to the consumer information on Generous flavour ( "Amazing Taste"). The inscription was Filters mark in the box to emphasize its attention. But the most significant change has undergone camels. This impression that the company suddenly zastesnyalas this animal and decided his mask.
Ernst convinced that the camels - is a worthy animal to cigarette brand. "Camel is suitable for creating brand is not worse than any other animal - said Ernst. - After nearly a hundred years, consumers perceive as Camel Cigarettes is not a camel, but as a trademark, first simvolizirovavshuyu spirit of adventure, but now - refined pleasure. YA, for example, do not see a camel, when I look at the stack. " Indeed, the camel on the stack of Camel became less visible. If the case goes so far, the famous parable about the camel and caught abalone lose meaning. In any case, Camel camel through the abalone will be exactly.

It changes the concept of JTI Camel Cigarettes

Step One: Change design
Step Two: Removing the "old" Camel from distribution
Step Three: Starting a new campaign
Plans: To accelerate the growth of world sales
Problem: Competition from Marlboro

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