JT International expands product line brands Camel Cigarettes

JT International company expands product line brand Camel Cigarettes, issuing new Camel Cigarettes Natural Flavor. Since November of this year, the cigarettes are sold in St. Petersburg, who has been selected to test launch brand in Russia, said AdLife.spb.ru.

As described in the JTI, Camel Cigarettes Natural Flavor cigarettes made from a tobacco leaf, and the lack of candy-flavoured additives reveal the true taste of a high-quality soft tobacco, which was made in the bid campaign new brand.

Packing Camel Cigarettes Natural Flavor English was developed creative agency Nude Brand Creation.

So far Camel Cigarettes Natural Flavor already launched in 25 countries. Petersburg has been chosen as the city to test launch a new brand in Russia, as "it is very advanced in terms of innovation city," the company noted.

"St. Petersburg is not so much as Moscow, but it is clear recent trends, including fashion and all sorts of innovations. Moreover, in St. Petersburg, we have a good strong base and the coherent team, which will contribute to the conclusion brand on the market "- explained in JTI.
Camel Cigarettes

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