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"Why do I smoke Camels? Because I honestly like their taste better than any of the other cigarettes," says Miss Gould. "Like most of the girls I know, I prefer a mild cigarette -- that's another reason I am devoted to Camels. Besides, I see no reason for letting cigarettes make you nervous -- Camels never make me edgy or jumpy. "And I really believe you could smoke Camels forever and ever and not get tired of their fine, smooth flavor."

"Here's the most important cigarette improvement in 25 years - streamlined smoking. It's Pall Mall - a cigarette deliberately designed for better smoking! Pall Mall is over 20 percent longer than the old-style cigarette. And this additional length is important. Because it travels the smoke further - the smoke reaches you cooler. Because it filters the smoke through more tobacco - the smoke is definitely milder. Prove it! Yourself, try Pall Mall critically."

Soldier 1: Some driving mister - how do you feel? Dewey: Right now I feel for a CAMEL! Soldier 2: That's the old Army spirit. Camel's the smoke with us. Dewey: Give me Camels every time. They're EXTRA MILD and they've really got the flavor that hits the spot. 'I'd walk a mile for a Camel any day!

"Science has pointed out that Camels are definitely slower-burning. That means a smoke with more mildness, more coolness, and more flavor. Now - Science confirms another important advantage of slower burning. Less nicotine - in the smoke! 28% less than the average! Light up a Camel... a s-l-o-w burning Camel... and smoke out the facts for yourself. The smoke's the thing!"

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