Camel Cigarettes Ads

Camel is a popular sigarets brand which was introduced by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco (RJR) in 1913. Camel Cigarettes contain a blend of Turkish and American tobacco. Camel Cigarettes were blended in a way that made them easier to smoke, in comparison to other much harsher popular cigaretts brands at the time of its debut on the tobacco market. They were also promoted by a careful teaser advertising, which merely stated that "the Camels are coming". At the beginning, the most famous variety of Camel Cigarettes was the simple pack of the regular, unfiltered variety, which is much too harsh for today's smokers. Camel regular sigarettes became very popular thanks to famous actor Humphrey Bogart who popularized Camel brand in the “Casablanca” film. It also became well-know through news broadcaster Edward Murrow, who smoked up to four packs of Camel regulars per day, actually using a Camel cigarette as his trademark. The reverse side of most packs or boxes of Camel cigarets display the following text: “Turkish tobacco is the world's smoothest, most aromatic leaf. Blending it with more robust domestic tobaccos is the secret to Camel's distinctive flavor and world-class smoothness.” Or alternatively can be seen displaying the following text (later removed from some packets with the introduction of warning messages): “Camel, a premium blend of the finest quality tobaccos, provides genuine smoking pleasure“. In 2005, Camel Cigarettes made new changes to the Turkish flavors by inserting the Camel title on the rolling paper and also changing the filter color and design. Also, this year the blend called "Turkish Silver", a light version of either the Turkish Gold or Royal varieties became available. Even when smoked, the text on the paper is often still visible on the ashes. The dromedary (Arabian Camel) it is used as the brand’s logo.

The famous blend of Turkish and United States tobacco – ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce Camel. This R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company cigarettes brand hit the market in 1913 and quickly became very popular. Camel actually was one of the few brands to survive the World War Two and by the end of it has only strengthened its market position. The appearance of the Camel Cigarettes brand was supported by a very innovative (consider the historical period) advertising campaign. These new cigarettes were promoted with the help of special “teasers” who announced that “the Camels were coming”. A circus Camel Cigarettes named “Old Joe" was another promotional element. The animal was lead through various American towns and served as a point of free cigarettes distribution. "Old Joe" was later used as the prototype to design the Camel Cigarettes on the package. For many years the brand's advertising campaigns were supported by the "I'd walk a mile for a Camel!" slogan. The soft pack of the regular unfiltered cigarettes was the most famous variety of the brand product line. A starring news broadcaster, Edward R. Murrow smoked as many as four packs of Camel Cigarettes regulars every day, adding heavily to the brand’s popularity. Many celebrities of that time were also involved into this "subliminal" advertising campaign. It turned out to be very successful as the Camel regulars’ sales have really hit the sky limits. Joe Camel is a famous mascot of the Camel Cigarettes brand and was introduced in 1987. The American Medical Association tried to make RJR stop the Joe Camel Cigarettes advertising campaign which the company refused. However, after the repeating appeals in 1993 and 1994 and the community shocking reports of children being greatly aware of this cigarette brand mascot, RJR terminated the Joe Camel campaign in 1997. Instead, a more adult oriented campaign was launched to appeal to the desires and dreams of young and successful people.

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