Camel Cigarettes

I smoked a few cigarettes in my time, and a number of different brands. Marlboro, Winston, Carlton, any number of cheap generics. Of them all, but certainly one worth far above all others: Camel.

A camel is a strong cigarette, but he has a wonderful aroma, that can not be said of many other cigarettes. Even Marlboro beginning to fade into nothingness for tastiness after you smoke a camel. In my opinion, the taste of cigarettes, all the same. There are slight differences in taste, obviously, nothing can be exactly the same, but the camel is that really stands out. It's almost like smoking a cigar, a pleasant, albeit smaller and not so much.

Camels have a great-tasting cigarette. If you are not satisfied with the current brand, try a camel, I do not think you'll be disappointed. Even Camel Lights tastier than the average cigarette, and it is difficult to achieve the feat in the light cigarettes.

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One component of Camel cigarettes success is a combination of quality snuff and low commodity prices. They belong to the top 10 brands of cigarette sales. Camel cigarettes have been harmonized in order to be smoked much easier, contrary to popular brands much harder at the time of its introduction.

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