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Natasha Davis-Carr wrote the Journal Gazette, because she wanted to know that the high incidence of cancer among their relatives and neighbors. Replying to a question of Health looked at cancer rates in your zip code and found high levels of lung cancer. Assessment of potential environmental causes, such as industrial contamination does not explain it.

When health care workers carefully examined the prevalence of cigarette smoking in the ZIP code, which covers the neighborhood, environmental hazards arise whether - about the dangers of living in poor, working class quarter in the intersection of hairs from the tobacco industry in marketing strategy. This makes it by a public health officials to target smoking cigarettes as they would target contaminated soil, contaminated a pond or a smokestack billowing noxious fumes.

Michael Schroeder, two of the investigation of cancer cases in the 46803 ZIP code shows almost undeniable link between poverty and lung cancer. Throughout the county, the poorest and least educated ZIP code areas had high rates of lung cancer, even if it is adjusted for age differences. And the link between smoking and lung cancer is not in doubt: Smoking accounts for 87 per cent of deaths from lung cancer, according to the Association of American light.

In the latest census figures show that more than 30 percent of residents in the region of 46,803 live below the poverty line, where the median household income of $ 23,974 was the lowest in Fort Wayne, and far below the state median income of $ 41,567. This working class demographic also describes favorite sector market cigarettes to persons under Karla Sneegas, executive director of Indiana Tobacco Prevention and cessation.

"This is particularly the demographic focus heavily on the tobacco industry with their marketing and promotion," she said Schroeder.

Journal of Tobacco Control reinforces its approval, Philip Morris, with reference to the documents relating to an advertising campaign aimed at women who earn less than $ 30,000 a year, and the RJ Reynolds campaign aimed at working class women.

This advertising campaign is extensive. Last year, the tobacco industry spent $ 13.1 billion - $ 36 million a day - in order to promote its deadly product, according to the report of the American Association of Light.

Fighting firepower that requires a strong public health policy. Fort Wayne in the smoking of cigarettes is an effective policy, and it should be retained. Dr. Deborah McMahan, Allen County Health Commissioner, proposes to make another cigarette smoking cessation program is available for residents with low incomes. Lutheran Hospital currently provides a successful program, but McMahan points out that access to such a program is critical.

She said she would like to request funds from the state tobacco program to stop the creation of a site at the Lafayette Medical Center, where he will be more accessible to residents of low-income neighborhoods.

"The success rate is great", McMahan said about the program, which combines group support, one-on-one counseling and pharmacological assistance.

"If we see high rates of cancer, it really is to us, as health officials to do everything we can to bring the program to those areas that need help," she said.

Public funds from Indiana share in multistate tobacco lawsuit settlement. That would be a wise and appropriate investments are aimed at resolving the money only when the tobacco companies have targeted their marketing dollars.

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