One of the most popular cigarettes - Camel cigarette

The trademark Camel is one of the earliest and widest brands of cigarette that has long exist in the market for the longest time. Since then on, Camel has earned an excellent century long success of cigarette smoking support.
The high quality tobacco comes with every piece of Camel cigarette. A distinguishing taste mixed with a realistic price had surely caught the mind of the cigarettes smokers from many parts of the world. Neutral nicotine content mixed with a soft and smooth taste is what each Camel cigarette promises and successfully offers to all smoking people.
Nowadays, Camel cigarettes brand come in variety of flavors that is proposed to catch up on the selective and tasteful taste of any type of different cigarette smokers. The Classic style gives off the original blend of rich tobacco taste, for which Camel has been as usual well-known. Camel's Turkish blend is another option for those who prefer a mellow and soft variation of the distinguishing and unique flavor of Camel cigarettes. Turkish Camel cigarette is the world's smoothest, most aromatic leaf. Blending it with strong domestic tobaccos is the secret to Camel's distinctive flavor and world-class smoothness. Another blend that has been a trademark of Camel is the Camel Exotic Blends, which is specially created and produced for those who wish to indulge in a more premium and restricted edition luxury blends for a more Camel signature taste.
In late 1987, RJR created Joe Camel as the lucky charm for the brand. In 1991, the American Medical Association made known a report stating that 5- and 6-year olds could easily recognize Joe Camel than Mickey Mouse, Fred Flintstone, Bugs Bunny or even Barbie.
Certainly, Camel has all the reason to go up its way to success that it has been earning for more than a century now, the manufacturer's continuous hunt how to please any smoker's exceptional taste is enough for it to be maintained as one of the most outstanding cigarette brand available in the market today.
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