The best camel cigarettes

One of the best brand of cigarettes is Camel. It was introduced by American company RJ.Reynolds Tobacco in 1913. Camel cigarettes contain a blend of Turkish and Virginia tobacco. In 2008 the blend was changed as was the package design.

RJ.Reynolds, in 1913 developed a great innovation: the packaged cigarette. Most tobacco consumers who smoked cigarettes preferred to roll their own, and there was thought to be no national market for pre-packaged cigarettes. Reynolds worked to increase a flavor he thought would be more calling than past products, creating the Camel cigarette, so given name because it utilized Turkish paper. Reynolds destabilize opponents on the price of the cigarettes, and within a year, he had sold 425 million packs of Camels one.

Camel cigarettes were firstly blended to have a milder taste in contrast to trademarks that were considered much harsher at the time of its introduction. They were advance promoted, prior to official make public, by a careful publicity campaign that included "teasers" which merely stated that "the Camels are coming"(a play on the old Scottish folk song, "The Campbells Are Coming").This marketing style was a example for attempts to sway public opinion that coincided with the United States' entry into World War I, and later World War II. Another promotion policy was the use of a Circus camel, 'Old Joe', which was driven through settlement and used to distribute free cigarettes. Old Joe was utilized as the representation for the camel on the package.

In 1987, R J Reynolds began one of the most successful campaigns in advertising history. On its 75th anniversary in 1988 he initiated new character in the Camel Advertising: Joe Camel. Four years later, the Journal of the American Medical Association publishes two reports on Joe Camel and kids. One study found that 91% of 6 year olds distinguished Joe Camel, like to the percent that recognized Mickey Mouse. The other study discovers that since the foundation of the Joe Camel campaign in 1987, Camel cigarettes distribute of the under 18 market has dramatically increased in sales! The young character was portrayed as charming and complicated in diverse social settings, such as bars and pool halls. The campaign had aided to raise Camel cigarettes promote share. As part of the industry's settlement with state attorneys general, tobacco companies agreed to reduce human and cartoon figures in advertising --- a move that doomed both Camel cigarette's Joe Camel and Marlboro cigarette's Marlboro Man. But Camel logos have previously found their way into collections of tobacco memorabilia around the world. Cigarettes packs are illustrated in full and reach colors and constitute values to the collectors.

For decades, Camel has been a male-focused cigarette; but R.J.Reynolds began to produce Camel cigarettes planed for females. Camel No. 9 cigarettes come in a package that is hot-pink with the slogan, "Light and luscious." The new variation, Camel No. 9, has a name that evokes women's fragrances like Chanel No. 19, as well as a song about romance, "Love Potion No. 9."A Camel image at the pack is a thing for arguments as one can always recognize things which aren't really there. All kinds of things have been written about what can be seen in the Camel body: Lion, Manneken Pis , Naked Man.

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