Camel denies

The company R.J. Reynolds Tobacco denies charges that the company's advertising policy is aimed at attracting children to the ranks of replacement "smokers". The authorities have accused the United States tobacco giant that the popular Camel brand cigarettes is aimed at children. The fact is that, by definition, prosecutors, the ad-animation character Joe Camel "looks very cool and likes children and adolescents."
Lynn Beesley, president of Reynolds American Inc., Helping run Joe Camel, believes that his "cool" look and dark glasses is not appealing to children. She claims that the company engaged in marketing only to adult smokers. "Our policy since my arrival in the company is that we do not want to see young smokers" - declared at the court hearings Beesley, who came to Reynolds American Inc. , in 1982 to replace assistant marketing.
Joe Camel was developed in the late 80 - x, and the peak of its fame came at 90 - e. But recently the American government has decided reprove too aside all restraint tobacco companies, and Camel has received a subpoena in court…

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